Resume Writing Guide

20140530-211029-76229576.jpgAt McAllen Metro Jobs we know that putting together a great résumé is just as important as finding that perfect job. Getting hiring managers to take a close look at what you have to offer is essential and there are a handful of important things you shouldn’t skip writing your professional résumé.

Be Direct
List the jobs you previously held and a brief outline of what you did day-to-day. If there are any specific achievements that will give you an edge (i.e., increasing sales 190%, etc.,) you can take a moment to go over this. Potential employers like not only to see what you can do, but also how well you’ve done it in the past.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All
While it may be tempting to send off the exact same résumé to every company you apply to work it, it’s not the best idea. Do some research about the company and look at this achievements, goals and company values (their mission statement is a good start,) and use this to shape the message you are sending through your résumé. Using the right resume keywords can increase your chances of obtaining a job position.

Use A Fresh Set of Eyes
Proofreading shouldn’t be an afterthought, before submitting your résumé when applying for jobs you should always make sure there are no errors on your document. It is incredibly easy to overlook your own mistakes, so don’t hesitate to ask someone to help you craft the best possible résumé.

Be Careful With Your Privacy
When sharing your email address, phone number or any other bits or personal information, think about what potential employers might find with a simple Google or Facebook search. Hiring personnel are increasingly turning to the internet to find out more about potential employees and aside from that, personal email addresses with silly names might have been cool for your friends, but now have the potential to make you look unserious. is much more attractive than